EzibuildPRO is a simple, DIY website solution created especially to suit the needs of small and home businesses in New Zealand.

EzibuildPRO makes it easy for you to have a professional website which you can create and maintain yourself, and which can be online quickly and can be updated as often as you like. What's more, it can grow and change as your business does - and best of all, it's very economical.

Its great flexibility lies in the fact that there are three "layers" of choice, all of which operate independently of one another. This means you have total freedom to choose:

1) A template from our wide array of professional designs - or we can accommodate a custom design option. What's more, you can change the template at any time, even after your site is live.

2) A site structure suited to your industry or the use to which you want to put your website. We've made it easy by pre-creating simple site structures suited to different uses. These include a catalogue and full online shopping functionality, business consultancy or professional services, a gallery (with optional shopping cart), a blogging site (with forums), tradesperson's site, real estate, tourism and accommodation options, trade ordering (password protected) and more. And the real beauty of the system is that you can start with one and change it or add to it whenever you want. Once you've chosen a starting point, you decide how much you want to keep or change. And every site comes with easy, effective Search Engine Optimisation tools and full statistics on site visitors and performance. What's more, there's an online newsletter option included so you can stay in touch with your customers and others with a regular email newsletter. Check out our pricing page for more detail.

3) The hosting plan your site is on. This is what determines the price you pay and is usually the only fee (apart from domain names) you will be charged. You can also choose whether you want to pay monthly or annually, and we offer a wide range of payment options. See our pricing page for more detail. For most sites the Business Plan is an ideal starter package - but once again, you can change your mind whenever you like.

Best of all, you get to play with your toys before you buy! Create your whole site before you decide whether to pay for it and go live - start your free 30-day trial now

If you prefer to see how it works first, here's a quick introductory video to get you started.

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